Create vs React

On a sunny day in December, Hayley (the ladyboss of CvR) handed in her resignation and effectively ended a 20 year career in investment banking & financial services. It was met with shock and puzzled silence “WTF would someone quit their successful, well-paying career a few months before bonus season to start their own business?” The answer is simply –  absolute devotion to HAPPINESS.

For Hayley, this translates to:

  1. Helping others realize the 3 P’s (Patience, Persistence, Passion) towards a career and life of energy and fun.

  2. Creating in a positive & productive environment as long as there is electricity & Wi-Fi.  

  3. Embracing as many opportunities to collaborate, learn, & laugh.



Hayley spent the last 20 years successfully implementing fast-paced and critical change within the financial industry. Her strategic projects spanned throughout the US, across the Americas, with global collaborations and dependencies. Leading teams across cultures and generations, Hayley consistently proved herself a star performer with a promising career trajectory. 


Yet, right before Christmas and bonus season, Hayley curiously left the industry to explore startups and entrepreneurship. She quickly realized that many entrepreneurs were once star performers in the corporate world, who had shared her feelings of mis-alignment, and being unchallenged and underutilized. 


A strong desire to acknowledge and contribute towards the greater good has led to sharing a unique approach that helps high achievers maximize their curiosity, drive, and diversity to take back control and create the career and life they dream of.


Hayley's commitment to her clients is founded on remaining fresh and free, allowing an open and honest relationship:​

  1. Purposefully enjoying every moment of every day.

  2. Travelling & adventuring while remaining connected to clients.

  3. Creating a movement where like-minded people collaborate, inspire, learn & grow.